• 23-07-2024
    • Ōtzĭo
      Digital partner
    • Qeeboo
    • Gapalo
      Design and developer
    • Dj Hub
    some clients.
    invitational competitions.

  • Digital partner Ōtzĭo
    some works
  • Ecommerce Website Development OFF - Giannoni & Santoni
    some works
  • Art director +Brand identity + ecommerce CVG Gold
    some works
  • "Multi-sensory" Brand identity Sensory Design
    some works
  • Brand identity + Websites Jeenka.
    some works
  • App for charitable donations Swipe n' go
    some works
  • UX/UI for co-working app Avaia
    some works
  • Development of the digital archive + shop of COLORS, the Fabrica magazine

    Digital archive and shop Colors Magazine

    COLORS è stato fondato nel 1991 da Oliviero Toscani e Tibor Kalman, convinti che le differenze siano positive e tutte le culture abbiano lo stesso valore.

    some works
  • Digital archive Elisa Gargan Giovannoni
    some works
  • Digital Portfolio  Archive + Press

    Digital Portfolio Archive + Press ps+a

    Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, architects, designer and art directors in Milan.

    some works
  • Digital department qeeboo
    some works
  • Digital Web Archive and Direct Email Marketing.

    Digital archive and direct email marketing Galleria Carla Sozzani Private gallery with programming dedicated exclusively to the work of international photographers.
    some works
  • Email marketing design and management Frette Luxury bed and bath linens - unparalleled in quality since 1860.
    some works
  • Digital archive

    Kris Ruhs Is an American painter and sculptor. He also works on drawing, graphic arts, jewelry, ceramics and furniture designs.
    some works
  • Printed and dem Alcantara

    Alcantara® is the ultimate material for Car, Aircraft, Jet, Yacht and Boat interior.

    some works
  • Digital guide lines Enel Enel is an Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas.
    some works
  • Vector animations and institutional website

    Vector animations and institutional website Gallo Designed and produced in Italy, the sock Gallo and 'synonymous with distinction, personality' and eccentric elegance.
    some works
  • App for children and facebook Humana

    A leader in the study, development and production of baby food.

    some works
  • Website for BNP Paribas Real Estate and sales tool Mia la casa italiana Apartments for sale in Avenue Boezio 20 Milan. An initiative of BNP Paribas Real Estate.
    some works
  • Digital portfolio Humusstudio It is an architecture firm based in Milan. We work on bespoke architecture projects and design products.
    some works
  • Animations website and video for e-commerce.

    Vector animations 10 Corso Como

    10 Corso Como is a shopping and dining complex in Milan, Italy. It combines outlets that show and sell works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture.

    some works
  • Logo design, corporate image, digital archive for internet presence and adv for main newspaper

    Rebrand, website and adv Galetti Galleria d'arte Galetti gallery for over 30 years dealing with purchase and sale of paintings, furniture and antiques.
    some works
  • Company website Attila & Co It is a flexible partner that can think in terms of integrated communication solutions or support the Client in a specific area of need.
    some works
  • Digital magazine + press + dem

    Digital magazine maglifico! Maglifico! Sublime Italian Knitscape is a path that shows the creative and production aspects of knitting in fashion.
    some works
  • Digital portfolio

    Digital portfolio Sara Maino She's been working at Vogue Italia since 1994; she's practically grown up at the magazine.
    some works
  • Interactive presentation Forevermark Forevermark is the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies.
    some works
  • Digital catalogue + press area. Adwords + Dem.

    ObliqSound New York and Hamburg-based label. Streaming audio tracks, online shop, artist news, MP3 downloads and company profile.
    some works
  • L'Attico Website Fabio Sargentini Fabio Sargentini is a gallery owner, actor, director and writer Italian. It is known as avant-garde gallery owner and director of the historic L'Attico gallery in Rome.
    some works
  • Digital archive Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

    The Adriano Olivetti Foundation by Adriano Olivetti’s relatives, friends, and collaborators, with the aim of mobilizing and developing the civil, social, and political engagement that distinguished the work of this Piedmont entrepreneur.

    some works
  • Quinto Lancio We are trained. Fanatic. Fearless. Designers.
    some works
  • Colored cube for the design store.

    Colored cube MoMA The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration.
    some works
  • Brand and website Engadin Bikes

    Bike shop and bike rentals at Sant Moritz

    some works
  • Imagine When
    some works
  • Email marketing design and management Zamber Zamber started operating in 1955, focusing its core activity on metal-ceramic sealing for producing metallized hermetic bushings.
    some works
  • Digital blog Venette Waste
    some works
  • Printed matter Coragroppo Fashion designer at Buenos Aires, Argentina
    some works
  • Logo design for digital newspaper Libero It is an Italian newspaper founded in 2000 by Victor Felts, and he again directed by May 18, 2016.
    some works
  • Logo design (product in collaboration with MoMA) Somewhere City
    some works
  • Jackson Libri It was an Italian publishing house specializing in the publication of books and magazines on electronics and computer science.
    some works
  • Brand and website hi-Fun It is the company that conceives, produces and sells useful and original accessories for the high teck device such as iPhone, iPad, tablets and smartphones.
    some works
  • tsi-la organics Shop for organic perfumes & skin care products at Tsi-La Organics. We offer a full range of pure 100% natural fragrances and luxury skin care products.
    some works
  • Website to present the project

    Website presentation Aegeria soft issue Providing Natural Biomaterial Solutions for patients suffering from challenging soft tissue loss.
    some works
  • Digital magazine + Email marketing design and managment Technology Review La rivista del MIT per l'innovazione tecnologica
    some works
  • Graphic design for various printed materials.

    Printed matter Premier Tax Free Premier Tax Free is part of The Fintrax Group, a financial services company, specialising in multicurrency payments, credit card processing and the management of VAT refunds for tourists.
    some works
  • Jansport Experience why JanSport has been a popular brand of backpacks and outdoor gear since 1967.
    some works
  • Logo design, corporate image and video presentation

    Starter pack Akida

    A young shoes designer.

    some works
  • Company website Bagutta Bagutta founded in 1975 at the same time classic, modern and contemporary, perfectly mix tradition and updated relevance in its two man and woman lines.
    some works
  • Press area + Brand identity + Website no words Agenzia di comunicazione Milano offre servizi di comunicazione, pubbliche relazioni, ufficio stampa e pubblicità nel campo della moda e non solo.
    some works
  • Digital portfolio Antonio Schiavano

    Professional photographer, he mainly works in his location in Milan as an advertising photographer, fashion photographer and still life photographer.

    some works
  • My first website. 10 Watt Location Multi-purpose event venue in Milan, ideal for corporate and private events, photo and video production, DMC, team building, food related events, catered events
    some works
  • In absolutely my first work :-)

    In absolutely my first work :-) AVIS

    AVIS is a voluntary association established among those who voluntarily, freely and anonymously donate their blood.

    some works
  • Projects.
  • projects.
    • Startup project bosinade
    • A universal portable gamepad Flypad
    • A case for mobile picture and video makers that shines.
      Always have the picture perfect light!

      The first perfect light phone case LELUX
    • Look good in Your Selfies.

      Look good in Your Selfies LELIGHT

      The first slim iPhone 6/6s case with an adjustable front light.

    • Pucci, Regione Piemonte, Hugo Boss, Celine, etc.

      Pucci, Regione Piemonte, Hugo Boss, Celine, etc. U@MAP

      Free map in Milan, Florence and Rome – since 2008.
      In collaboration with Federalberghi, ATM, Triennale, Start Milano, Sistema Milano.

    • Experimental project

      Mappa gratuita della città di Como KiwiMap
    • With experience in web, graphic, and product design, I am a versatile and creative professional. My professional journey encompasses a variety of projects, ranging from the development of websites and brands to the creation of user-friendly digital and physical products. curriculum.


      Current roles

      from 2024 / QEEBOO Srl — Development / Development of an ad-hoc web application for exchanging, sharing, and managing files, informations and more amongst Qeeboo departments, resellers, agents, etc. - Pms, Orders, Shipping, Logistic, Ecommerce, and more…

      from 2013 / GAPALO — Design & Development / Collaboration with Gapalo. Planning, design, developing website and applications, visual identities, advertising, dem and assistance for various clients such as Alcantara, Enel, 10 Corso Como, Frette, Kirs Rush, Attila, Gallo Calzature, Humana, MoMA, MIT Technology Review and more. Conception, design and development of consumer electronics products.

      from 2005 / RAUL STEFANATI — Creative & Development / Developing custom webapp, visual identities, printed matters and advertising. To client like PS+A, Qeeboo, Fabrica, Giannoni&Santoni and more.


      Previous roles

      2022 - 2023/ 21iLAB Srl — Senior Art Director / Art director of the design/creative team for the development and study of digital and non-digital products; ranging from the UI, UX of applications and websites to the study and creation of brand identities, printed materials and videos.

      2017 - 2020 / QEEBOO Srl — Digital, Media and Social / Development and management of a web app (inside.qeeboo.com) for the exchange and sharing of materials, information and orders between qeeboo and press, resellers, agents, etc… Creating customer databases, partners, agents, distributors, etc. and development and management of the website-ecommerce, direct email marketing and instagram.

      2007 - 2013 / STUDIO KAMI — Art Director + Designer / Collaboration with Studio Kami. Developing websites, visual identities, advertising and keep up to date some websites as ObliqSound.com, TechnologyReview.it, CastoldiJet.com and SaraMaino.com

      2006 - 2007 / CIPI S.p.a. — Graphic Designer / Employed in marketing and communication office. Developing presentations for competitions and clients, packaging and developing of layouts and formatting of hte Cipi´s catalogues.

      2003 - 2004 / Emme&E — Graphic Designer / Internship of three weeks in 2003 and one month in 2004 of collaboration as graphic designer and account. Developing visual identities, printed metters, schoolbook packaging.

    • fun stuff.
      A Knitwear called Raul
      My name sneaked into Apple iPhone3G Guided Tour
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